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Probate is the court supervised administration of a decedent’s estate to closing. There are multiple required petitions that must be submitted to the court each with their own hearing. 

There are three “levels” of probate depending on the value or size of the estate: 

  • Set Aside = estate value less than $100,000
  • Summary Administration = estate value $100,000 up to $299,999
  • General Administration = estate value greater than $300,000
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There is also a fourth type of proceeding called Special Administration which is an emergency type proceeding used when estate assets are at risk, unknown, or unreachable by the heirs. 

Notice of each petition and the associated hearing must be mailed to each interested party. Every petition is different and each carry their own requirements. Notice to any potential creditors must be published in the newspaper or mailed directly to known creditors. An administrator or personal representative will be appointed by the court who must inventory the estate’s assets and an account for all expenditures. A blocked estate account is most always required and an IRS EIN number must be obtained. Court permission is always required before distribution of the assets to the heirs. 

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Probate is notoriously expensive, time-consuming, and rife with conflict. It can often represent a burden to grieving families and delay planned inheritances. It is nearly always advisable to take proactive steps to avoid probate as much as possible. 

Probate avoidance can be accomplished through the implementation of a well-designed estate planWhile your last will and testament is an important document that will guide the probate process, it should ideally only serve as a formality and be supplemented by other estate planning instruments. 

Trusts can be used to distribute assets to beneficiaries, and assets placed in trusts are not generally subject to probate. “Pour-over” wills can be used to “catch” assets not placed in trusts. By relying primarily on trusts, you can more adequately protect your assets and loved ones. We can help identify and incorporate probate avoidance strategies.

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Probate Litigation Services

Some disputes that may arise during the probate process will require litigation to resolve. For example, any interested party can contest the validity or authenticity of the decedent’s will on certain grounds. The probate process will not be able to proceed until a will contest has been adjudicated. 

Our Las Vegas probate lawyer is ready to go to battle for you and can litigate any matters of probate. Our team at Battlefront Legal understands what is at stake in these conflicts and will work to secure a favorable outcome as quickly as possible. 

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