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Estate Planning and Litigation Solutions in Las Vegas and Throughout Nevada

Battlefront Legal is ready to fight for you and your future. Our firm’s team of knowledgeable legal professionals can help you create and update an estate plan that works to protect your loved ones, assets, and legacy throughout your lifetime. We can also assist you with administration and litigation efforts. Our founding attorney is a U.S. veteran that is committed to providing you with the guidance and services you need.

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More Areas of Practice

  • Drafting and Litigating Trusts. Trusts allow you to protect your property and name beneficiaries to your assets. Many types of trusts are available, and they confer numerous advantages over a will, including the avoidance of probate. Trusts are also highly customizable and can be shaped to suit your unique goals. We can help you identify and implement trusts that will achieve your objectives. Our firm can also litigate trust-related issues, including situations where a trust is created under undue influence or where a trustee breaches their fiduciary duty.
  • Probate and Estate Administration. When a deceased person passes away, their estate must be closed and settled through the appropriate probate court. Going through probate can be complex, expensive, and time-consuming, especially if there are any conflicts that prolong the process. We can serve as your guide and advocate throughout probate and work to close your loved one’s estate as efficiently as possible.  Our attorney can litigate probate matters, including will contests.

Your Partner in Estate Planning

No matter the size or complexity of your estate, our team at Battlefront Legal is ready to meet your needs. We are committed to your long-term success and hope to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve throughout your lifetime. Our firm can continue to provide experienced and thoughtful guidance as your circumstances change and will always work to ensure your estate planning documents reflect your current goals and intentions. 

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